After installing Tor maybe you’re too lazy to open your terminal, you can use Vidalia. Vidalia is a GUI for controlling Tor, Vidalia is cross-platform and built using Qt. With Vidalia you can start, stop, and view status of Tor, to Install Vidalia, first open your terminal and type

$ sudo apt-get install vidalia

After installation you can run Vidalia from Applications menu or by typing command :

$ vidalia &

If you get and error, try to run vidalia as root(not recommended).

$ sudo vidalia &

Vidalia window will be open, click on Start Tor if your Tor is not running.

Vidalia has some features as an example you can see the map Tor network.

Tor Network Map

You can see your bandwidth usage and graph with Vidalia.

Bandwidth graph

Now just open and change your proxy settings, and you are ready :).

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