Viber - Messaging Apps for Linux

Viber is a free Messaging Apps, it provides multiple chatting options (text, video, audio), it can runs on Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia. But this time we’ll just focusing on Linux. Viber gives you auto synchronized chat history between your desktop and mobile apps. it also integrated well in most linux desktop environments.

Viber - Messaging Apps for Linux
Viber – Messaging Apps for Linux

Viber Features

Viber lets you to send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users on any device, anywhere in the world for unlimited times. Everything like your contact and messages will be sync.

  • You can send text, photo, and sticker.
  • There is group conversations feature.
  • Free call feature.
  • Full sync between devices.
  • No registration, password, and invitations.
  • Transfer ongoing calls between your devices.

How to install Viber on Ubuntu/Fedora ?

For now Viber is not available to install via PPA (for Ubuntu), so you must download the package manually from the website here.

Don’t forget to select proper version for your distros !.

Once downloaded you can install it via terminal by run these commands:


# dpkg -i viber.deb


# rpm -i viber.rpm

Once installed you can check Viber via your apps menu.

That’s all for my post today about Viber – Messaging Apps for Linux, if you have any question you can leave it on the comment box below, thank you !.

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