Trimage : Image Compressor for Linux

Trimage is a cross platform image compressor inspired by imageoptim an image compression tool for Mac OS X. Trimage is use to optimize your images size using pngcrush, advpng, pngcrush, and jpegoptim. Trimage is a good tool, it’s allows you to easily compress PNG and JPG files (for now this tool just support PNG and JPG files) at the highest available compression levels with slightly effect on the image quality.

Trimage has it’s git repository here and it’s available on Launchpad. The latest version for Trimage is (When I wrote this post) 1.0.5. You can use this tool with it’s graphical user interface or just by using simple command line. So if you are interested with this free image compressor, you can follow my quick tutorial below, I will show you how to install this Trimage and how to use Trimage both with Graphical User Interface and Command Line Interface.

Install Trimage on Ubuntu and Debian

For Ubuntu, Trimage is available on your default local repository. I tried to install Trimage on my Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn and It’s working, to install Trimage just run the installation command below :

$ sudo apt-get install trimage

If your on older version of Ubuntu like Maverick (10.10), Lucid (10.04), and Karmic (9.10), you can add it’s repository. Just type the following command into your console to install trimage :

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kilian/trimage
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install trimage

Uninstall Trimage on Ubuntu

There must be a reason you want to Uninstall Triamge, maybe you don’t like Trimage ? or you found better image compressor for your Linux ?. You can uninstall your Trimage with this following command :

$ sudo apt-get remove trimage

Install Trimage on Arch Linux

For Arch Linux user, Trimage is available from AUR, if you want to install, just type :

$ yaourt -S trimage-git

For Other Linux Distribution

If you are using other distribution like Mandriva Linux, OpenSuse, etc, you can visit trimage official website. The website contains install instruction for other distribution.

Use Trimage via Graphical User Interface

After installation find your trimage on the dashboard menu or by just typing this on your terminal :

$ trimage

To compress your image, just click Add and compress”, after that select what images you want to compress, Trimage will start compression automatically.

Trimage : Image Compressor for Linux
Trimage : Image Compressor for Linux

Use Trimage via Command Line Interface

If you want to use CLI version of Trimage just open your terminal and type :

$ trimage -d DIRECTORY_NAME
This command is useful when you want to compress files within a selected directories.
$ trimage -f FILE_NAME
To compress a single or multiple files.

So what do you thing Trimage ? Have you try it ? Do you have better image compressor for Linux ?, If you have suggestion you can leave it at the comment below, or contact me via Contact Page. Thanks 🙂

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