Linux Installation Considerations

When looking to install Linux there are several factors that you should plan and consider before installation. We consider the following when looking to install Linux

  1. The purpose of the installation whether its for training, testing or production environment or personal use
  2. The type of Linux distribution installation; Ubuntu, Red hat Fedora Linux or CentOS Linux. There are others to consider but the choice is yours.
  3. The method of installation. That is how to configure Linux file systems, boot manager, Network option and other installation parameters
  4. Hardware requirements to for this Linux installation. For Servers we usually consider Dell, IBM, or HP based on the Linux distribution we are installing (compatibility), vendor support and the warranty service of hardware device for replacement parts.

If you have determine the purpose of the Linux installation; email server, dns servers, personal work station etc and the type and version of Linux distribution you are considering to install look at the method of installation coupled with the hardware partitioning when installing.

Hardware Consideration for Linux Installation

For this example we will assume you already know the purpose of the Linux installation and the type of linux distribution you are going to use there fore we will touch on the hardware considerations.

Linux Hardware pointers

  1. Identify all system Hardware requirements and check compatibility with Linux distribution as it relates to
    • CPU memory
    • drive space
    • the scalability of the server and
    • Determine the Input and output devices that are going to be connected to the server.

For the above point you should do your research by checking with the manufacturer,support vendors or personal research to determine if the your mouse, scanner, ram, modem, video card or network card etc will be compatible with version and type of Linux distribution your are installing on specified hardware or workstation. (don’t take it for granted that it’s automatically going to work)

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