Take a Pregnancy Test

In case you had unprotected sex and used emergency contraception, you may be considering when you can take a pregnancy test. It’s fundamental to not test too much soon, as this may accommodate you a false occur. For women who are not familiar with their menstrual cycle, it is generally endorsed to hold up three weeks after unprotected sex before testing for pregnancy.

How Does Emergency Contraception Work?when to take a pregnancy test after unprotected sex

Pregnancy Testing After Emergency Contraception

You had unprotected sex. You used emergency contraception, for instance, Plan B One-Step™. You grasp that emergency contraception is not 100 percent reasonable. In a matter of seconds, you are contemplating and holding up to check whether you may be pregnant. This may be a champion amongst the most nerve-wracking and clearly long holds up in a woman’s life. Instantly, you may be considering whether and when you should take a pregnancy test. This article will give a couple do’s and don’ts for pregnancy testing in the wake of using emergency contraception.

Don’t Test Too Soon

Consider testing when your period is more than seven days late. In case you test too much soon, you may get a false negative (a negative test, in spite of the way that you are positively pregnant). It takes a week or two after readiness for an egg to implant into the uterus. Pregnancy tests work by checking for human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg), a hormone made all through pregnancy by the making creating life. In any case, this hormone is not for the most part present until after implantation. On the off chance that you test before implantation happens, or before hcg levels have moved to a detectable aggregate, you may get a false negative.

Testing exorbitantly soon can accommodate you a misinformed feeling that all is well and great, and you may partake in practices, for instance, drinking or smoking, which you may not generally speaking do if you thought you could be pregnant. It can similarly be a waste of money, especially if you know you attempted exorbitantly soon and will need to test yet again.

In case you totally can’t stand the pressure and can’t keep yourself from testing unnecessarily soon, contemplate buying as a two- or three-pack pregnancy test, understanding that you will apparently need to test yet again.

Do Wait Three Weeks After Unprotected Sex

This bit of direction is for women who have no idea when to expect their periods. Perhaps your cycles are uncontrollable. Perhaps you essentially weren’t giving cautious attention. Perhaps you aren’t really cycling at all, for instance, for a few women who are breastfeeding. In these circumstances, the standard “hold up until your period is a week late” admonishment is not valuable. In these circumstances, in case you have not had a period inside three weeks after unprotected sex, consider taking as a pregnancy test.

Don’t Assume That All Bleeding Counts as Your Period

Various women absolutely state that regardless they had periods while pregnant. Regardless of the way that this is not physiologically possible, since a woman is not ovulating or cycling all through pregnancy, emptying out of diverse reasons is genuinely fundamental all through pregnancy. Various women have a day or something like that of light emptying around the time that implantation happens. They may expect this is a period, not seeing that they are, really, pregnant.

In case your period is lighter or shorter than ordinary, you ought to genuinely think about taking a pregnancy test. It might possibly be the effects of the emergency contraception affecting your period; of course, you may be pregnant.

Don’t Keep Having Unprotected Sex

While this is a useful tidbit for any person who is not endeavoring to get pregnant, it is especially basic for a woman to not have unprotected sex for the duration of the time in the wake of taking an emergency prophylactic and before her period has started. Having unprotected sex again convolutes the circumstances, and it becomes extremely murky when a pregnancy test should be taken.

Do Ask for Help

If you are basically not certain what to do, please contact your social protection supplier. In case you can’t manage the expense of a pregnancy test, consider a family organizing focus or low-pay office. These focuses may give free pregnancy testing, dependent upon your condition.

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