I love you everyday post card

  Materials: White card stock Light beige thick cardboard Patterned Colored paper Scissors, glue Red marker Directions: Just be creative. Submitted by Andey Naren

Birthday card to boyfriend

Minimalist, mainly in dark tones and really stylish. Love it and hope your boyfriend or husband will appreciate it as much as mine did!

Homemade card for boyfriend

Another variation of a „shirt & tie” card to boyfriend, but this time a much more cute and unusual example.

Card making ideas – threads and beads

Today I’ve decided to post a card making tutorial with photos as this card is a bit more difficult then those which I usually choose for this blog. It will take some time and efforts, but will surely be appreciated by your Dad, boyfriend or friend, who loves fishing.

Card craft for boyfriend or father

This could be a nice birthday card to boyfriend who works in the office and wear shirts/suits at work. Could be also good as a Father’s Day card.