Su-Do-Ku ! : Sudoku Puzzle Games on your Terminal

Who doesn’t know Sudoku ? Sudoku is a puzzle game, it was popularized in 1986 by Japanese puzzle Company Nikoli and Sudoku became an international hit in 2005. Sudoku is a number-placement puzzle, combinatorial, and a logic-based game. Today you can play Sudoku almost in all-platform like PC, Console, Smartphones, even on your cellphones but in this post is Sudoku on your linux favorite terminal !.

Su-Do-Ku ! : Sudoku Puzzle Games on your Terminal

Su-Do-Ku ! is a Sudoku Puzzle Games just like what we played on our PC, Console,Smartphones, or your cellphones, but this version is for your terminal, this Su-Do-Ku ! Developed by Michael Kennett. So if you are a fan of a Linux Terminal Games or you fell bored with a Fully Graphics Games you can try this Su-Do-Ku !. You can play this games without your X running and It’s available on your Repository, so you can easily install this puzzle game.

Su-Do-Ku ! rules is just like another Sudoku Games, You must fill a 9×9 grid with digits, so each sub-grids contains all digits from 1 to 9, without any repeated digits on each rows, columns, and sub-grids. In Su-Do-Ku !  you can set the difficult from easy to hard, load a template file, or set the output format.

So how do we install Su-Do-Ku !  ? Just follow my tutorial, it’s easy :).

Install Su-Do-Ku !

To install Su-Do-Ku !, it’s easy because it’s available as default on your repository, to continue just type this following command :

$ sudo apt-get install sudoku

If you got an error “Unable to locate package”, you must update your repository first by this following commands

$ sudo apt-get update

then try the install command again.

Uninstall Su-Do-Ku !

There could be a reason, why you uninstall Su-Do-Ku !, Maybe it’s unstable, found many bugs, or you found another Sudoku Games ?, To uninstall Su-Do-Ku !, Just run this following command :

$ sudo apt-get remove sudoku

So how do you think this Su-Do-Ku ! games ? have you played it ? If you have some suggestion or something to say just leave it on the comment or you can contact me via Contact Page. Thank you !

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