PeaZip : 7-Zip based Open Source File and Archive Manage for Linux

PeaZip is a file and archive manager, PeaZip is available on Windows, Linux and BSD and support i386 and amd64 architecture. It supports extracting and compressing for more that 150 archive file formats such as “ARC, 7Z, BZ2, GZ, PEA, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, and ZIP Files. PeaZip allows you to do basic functions like extracting and compressing, PeaZip allows you to extracting and compressing for folders and multiple files too.

It has support for split and joining files, and you can Convert your archives to another format at once. PeaZip support different types of verification methods such as SHA1, MD5, etc. PeaZip also support to find duplicated files, secure delete files, and compare files, and many more features, you can explore it on your own after you download PeaZip.

Download and Install PeaZip

To install PeaZip you can download it from here Download Peazip, Once downloaded place it on an directory and install package by this following command :

For Debian-based (Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint)

# dpkg -i peazip.deb

If PeaZip need dependencies, you should install it.

For Redhat and Fedora-based

# rpm -i peazip.rpm

For Slackware

# installpkg peazip.tgz

From Source

After you download the Source file, extract it to your directory, then after extracting run this following command to build your PeaZip.

$ ./configure

$ ./make

$ ./make install

Once you’ve done installing, you can run PeaZip from your menu or by typing peazip on your terminal.

PeaZip : 7-Zip based Open Source File and Archive Manage for Linux

PeaZip comes with a neat user interface allows you to easily manage  and browse your files and folders. PeaZip have different viewing modes such as flat view, list view, detailed list view and icons / images view. PeaZip has features to change themes, PeaZip sidebar and status bar can be customized for different purpose.

PeaZip is one of the best File and Archive manager, If your have other Files and Archive manager you can leave a comment or contact me via Contact Page, Thank you !



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