Tuesday Patch Releases

As part of the monthly security bulletin release cycle, Microsoft provides advance notification to their customers concerning the number of new security updates being released and the products affected. This is intended to help customers plan for the deployment of these security updates more effectively.

Solutions to Microsoft problems are usually released every second Tuesday of every month. Microsoft implemented this patching pattern started in 2003 with the aim to reduce deployment cost for its consumers. Although patches can be critical at times this systematic approach simplifies patch deployment and management.

System administrators benefit hugely by using the unique feature of installing several patches within a single upgrade/reboot. There can be at least over 30 patches that can be included within an upgrade. On the other hand, the downside to this many patches per month can be considerably difficult on the system administrator since the patches should be tested in the development environment before being implemented into the production.

Notable effects of Patch Tuesday also includes increased  bandwidth usage which creates a strain on the network. This influx of users can cause a significant strain on networks.. This has caused many people to label  Patch Tuesdayas “Black Tuesday”

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