Makagiga - a to-do manager, Notepad, and RSS Reader in one

Makagiga is a cross-platform software to do various task, such as text editing, RSS reading, also to-do listing and the best thing about Makagiga is because its free !. Before installing it, you need to install Java. Makagiga also have portable version Makagiga currently supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Makagiga have a feature that you can install a plugins, that plugins can help you to do various tasks, all plugins are available here.

On the left side Makagiga has three categories : files and folders, feeds, and trash, and on the right side there is a Widgets section. If you open files and folders on the left side, you will see the following example applications by default, such as Image(Viewer and Editor), Link(RSS Feeds), Notepad, and To-do manager.

Makagiga - a to-do manager, Notepad, and RSS Reader in one
Makagiga – a to-do manager, Notepad, and RSS Reader in one

On widgets section you can add any kind of widgets such as to-do list, notes, calendar, internet search, and more you can get from the official websites.

So are you interested with Makagiga ? if you are interested you can installing it by following the instruction below.

Install Makagiga

Run the portable version

As I mentioned before, if you download the portable version of Makagiga, it will not run until you install Java (JRE 8).

To install JRE on Debian/Ubuntu based system, refer the following link.

After installing Java 8, Go to the official page and download the portable version, unzip it and run

Install Permanently on your system

If run the portable version is not enough for you, then you can install it to your system permanently. To install do the following steps.

Step 1

Download the .deb package file from the website here.

Step 2

Now If you not install gdebi yet, you should install it, gdebi is a software for packages resolving by installing the dependencies automatically. So to install it run these commands :

$ sudo apt-get install gdebi

After you install gdebi, its time to install Makagiga, continue the installation by running this commands

$ sudo gdebi makagiga-YOUR-VERSION.deb

Step 3

Now Check on your Unity dashboard (if you use Ubuntu) or Applications Menu to find Makagiga.


Makagiga is a good program that useful to keep you updated and organized, also it could help you easlity to add you todo task and schedule them, or read important updates from the RSS of your favorite websites.

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