How to Install Tor - 1

What is tor ? Tor or The Onion Router is a free software for online anonymity and resisting any kind of censorship. Tor is designed to make users to surf the Internet Anonymously and protect users privacy through the net, so their activities cannot be discovered.

Install tor just by using this following command

$ sudo apt-get install tor

After installation run tor services by

$ sudo service tor start (run as root)

or you can just simple type

$ tor

How to Install Tor - 2

then your tor is ready, tor will listen on port 9050 by default, to change default port simple just open tor configuration files.

$ sudo vim /etc/torsocks.conf

How to Install Tor - 3

then find line 36 on server_port = 9050 and change 9050 to number you like, don’t forget after you save your configuration, restart tor service by

$ sudo service tor restart

To use tor, simple just open your proxy settings and change on Socks Proxy settings to :

How to Install Tor - 4

9050 is port number.
Apply your settings and your anonymous Internet is ready. enjoy 🙂

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