Whenever you run a program, it will use the CPU to process any request, but if the CPU is occupied by a process, the CPU will be unavailable for processing other request. This becomes a bottleneck in the system. The Following command will help you to identify CPU Utilization, so you can solve a bottleneck on the CPU.

Finding CPU utilization is one of the important task, Fortunately Linux comes with various utilities to show the report of CPU utilization. One of the command is top, top program provides a real-time view of a running programs and the CPU Utilization. top is already installed on every Linux as a default packages.

So How to Check CPU utilization in Linux with top ?, to use top use this simple command :

$ top

As you can see on the output, the first line shows the system uptime, how much user logged on, on the second line you can see how much tasks is being processes on the system, on the third line there is the CPU Utilization, next line shows the memory usage and swap utilization, last is the details of running process on your system.

That’s all for my post “How to Check CPU utilization in Linux with top” hope this post help you to check your CPU. If you have question or you have other method to check cpu utilization, you can leave it on the comment below. Thank you !

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