How to Achieve Peace of Mind in a Tough Situation

It is not easy dealing with tough situations that life offers, sometimes we can foresee difficult times coming and can prepare for it but other times it can come upon us suddenly and without notice.

If we can foresee tough times coming and prepare for it them we can have a peaceful mind through it for example, we all know that our economy has suffered several blows lately and if we’ve been able to see hard times coming and had been able to secure our assets in some way then it wouldn’t have bother us much but no doubt we have been concerned about others who wasn’t as fortunate. We should always have compassion on others and do what we can to help them even if all we can do for them is pray.

What if we hadn’t foreseen a tough time coming therefore no preparations were made, can we still have a peaceful mind? The answer to that question is yes. Jesus said that we would have tribulations in this World but be of good cheer because He has overcome the World. I don’t believe that we can have courage along with worry because courage will over ride worry therefore, we’ll have a peace of mind and if Jesus have overcome the World for us then there will be no need for us to worry. He is all sufficient and is able to provide for us abundantly.

Christian or no one else should but their trust in things that are subject to collapse there is nothing that is infallible only the word of God is. No amount of effect on our part can prevent disastrous situations, every since the fall of Mankind there have been destruction and it will continue to be that way if we rely solely on our abilities so we should put our trust in the one thing that is infallible and that is the word of God, in doing so we can have a peace of mind through tough times.

God is able to make a way in the Wilderness and give us water in a dry and barren land, in short He is well able to provide for us in tough times if we would put our Faith in Him and solely depend upon Him. We would need to turn away from our way of thinking and turn to His way of thinking; this will ensure a peaceful mind doing any situation.