handmade xmas card

Christmas tree doesn’t always have to be green, fluffy and decorated with balls. Use your imagination to create an alternative Christmas tree – funny, charming and so easy to make!

Xmas card| Material:
Card stock in rose colour
Bright yellow string
Purple sequins
Silver coloured paper


1. handmade xmas card

Take a pin and puncture holes in the card stock at the points indicated on the picture (triangle). Cut a hole in the shape of s star on the top of triangle.

2. handmade xmas card

Thread the needle in a long thread for embroidery and tie a knot at the end. Pull the needle through the upper left hole from the inside and pull the thread through.

3. handmade xmas card

Pull the thread through the upper right hole, making the first stitch. Again, pull the needle through the hole on the left side, while wearing sequins on a string and then pull the needle through the hole on the right side, symmetrically.

4. handmade xmas card

Continue doing stitches, stringing sequins on a string, until a Christmas tree is completed. Attach the thread behind.

5. handmade xmas card

Cut out a little star (same size as the hole on the top of Christmas tree). Open the card and glue it on the inside, so that it is visible through a hole in the shape of a star on its front side.


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