galaxy-j3-2017Samsung head a new entry-level device ready to be launched on the market in the coming months, this at least according to recently emerged on Zauba. This would be the new Galaxy J3 (2017)  device from the reduced cost that has already speak well of himself in its earlier version.

Despite the South Korean company is still busy in the story of the Galaxy Note 7 exploded , it proves once again able to get out of any crisis by working painstakingly to its new devices. Is an illustration of the Samsung Galaxy S8 at which you work without brakes and, now, the new Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) should be launched on the market with a competitive price and have acceptable performance for all types of use.

Galaxy J3 (2017): better or worse than the model 2016?

Securities did not have until the two smartphones will not be compared.

The data-sheet is similar to the previous and analyzing it can be found major improvements such as memory RAM which rose from 1.5 GB (for version 2016) to 2 GB (for version 2017).

On the other hand, it leaves us puzzled choice of quad-core processor, which went from 1.5 GHz (version 2016) to 1.2 GHz (version 2017) . But this may mean very little. The calibration of the processor is not all that matters, and sometimes a quad-core 1.2 Ghz can offer performance even much higher than those offered by a quad-core 1.5 Ghz.

The multimedia sector instead we are at the same level, at least as far as technical specifications:8-megapixel rear camera and front 5 megapixel. 

The display will be a 5-inch HD resolution  , but there are rumors of a further version for emerging markets which would come on the market with Full HD resolution.

In conclusion, the Galaxy J3 (2017) is almost identical to its predecessor, so hopefully in the careful design of the internal software so that the device can deliver performance superior to those offered by the previous version.

therefore, prior to any hasty judgment, we wait to try the terminal hoping to be surprised.

Launch price

We do not have reliable information as to the selling price of the device. Samsung probably will attempt to compete in the low-cost end of the market, in which, however, are already devices on the market with hardware features and better performance.

In any case, according to information obtained, Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)  should be launchedon the market at the price of 100 US dollars and therefore, presumably, from 120 to 140 euro in Italy (given the taxes and Italian guarantee).

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