Electric shavers are considered to be the best for taking care of unnecessary hair; however, a perfect shave doesn’t depend on the gadget itself and needs some preparation from the side of the individual using it. The combination alone can produce the desired shave and here are some of the tips to help improve the closeness of a shave.

  1. Preparation – The primary thing to do is clean the face with warm water and if possible soap so that the hair can get softer and easy to shave. It is even better if there is usage of shaving solution which is alcohol based after cleaning the face as it effectively removes oil so that the shaver can move easily on the skin.


  1. Clean the shaver – Unless an individual uses a new shaver, there is some debris left inside the shaver because of previous that has to be removed. The frame should be cleaned according to the instructions given in the manual and with a neat brush. Fortunately some electric shavers come with cleaning systems so that this burden is reduced.


  1. With the grain – The direction of the hair growth is distinct to each individual and for good shaving one has to notice the direction of the hair. This can be done by rubbing the hand across the face and if moving in one direction the hair feels smooth, then that is the direction of hair growth.


  1. Difficult areas – An electric shaver with high temperature can cause irritation, therefore start with the difficult areas such as neck and jaw-line so that such problems can be averted. Moreover, there won’t be any accumulated stubble at the beginning and it helps to effectively clear out the areas.


  1. Stretch – It is an awkward yet an effective way of dealing with difficult angles. By gently stretching the skin, electric shavers can move smoothly and shave the area without any inconvenience.

These tips can really improve the shaving results whilst using an electric shaver and should be employed by people who are looking for better results.

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