Is IT Certification in Linux Necessary?

If you are in the Technology field you will see a lot of employers now are asking for relevant certification to compliment your experience in the IT field. If you have Linux experience, it is surely recommended to try to become certified in the your field of expertise.

When looking for Linux certification there are a few to choose from but the one that stands out to us and is most recognized is the  Linux + certification by CompTIA. However I should mention there are other exams like SUSE Linux, Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Redhat RHCT/ RHCE just to name a few.

Linux + Certification by CompTIA

We focus on Linux + certification by CompTIA, primarily because its a vendor neutral certification which allows you to have training on Redhat Linux. So it enables you to be knowledgeable on all sorts of Linux operating systems (at least a high level)

Once you pass the exam, it also helps employers to validate you and your knowledge with experience of at least  six (6) months to one (1) year.

CompTIA Certification

It is recommended that before you take the Linux + exam that you have a knowledge of the networking or have A + and Network  + certification since a few questions will be related to those topics.

For anyone looking for updated information on IT certification in Linux (CompTIA Certification) you can always visit their website at

Exam Objectives of CompTIA Certification (Linux + Certification)

  • Installation of the operating system on hardware
  • Management of user, disk space, back ups, restores and processess, trouble shooting etc
  • Configuration of system settings, network setting (routing, tcp/ip), DNS etc
  • Security of the  installation, tiered access to the operating system and server, editing files.
  • Documentation
  • Hardware in terms of hardware components, input/output devices, storage devices, diagnose hardware issues etc.

The exam is about 90 minutes to answer 98 multiple questions.

Resources to learn Linux

There are a few other options to learn Linux other than the CompTIA website.  Take a look at the other resources

  1. CBT Nuggets  at
  2. Lynda leaning Resource at

If you have done the Linux plus exams please share your thoughts in the comment section

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