ChillHub, the very first Smart Fridge powered with Ubuntu

Lets say hello to the very first Ubuntu powered smart fridge, it’s called ‘ChillHub‘. ChillHub has it’s own smartphone app and can be upgraded with new features and functionality any time, also it’s connected to the web.

ChillHub runs with Snappy Ubuntu Core, Canonical’s for a minimal Ubuntu that designed specifically for the Internet of Things. Snappy Ubuntu Core can run on everything, from a tiny embedded circuit board to the most ruggedised one.

ChillHub – Smart Fridge with Ubuntu

ChillHub is a refrigerator with USB capabilities (two USB ports) and also comes with WiFi capabilities. This will give us a platform to create an awesome new add-on products. ChillHub has an Open-Source iOS app available to check sensor data like temperature.

The makers hope to enable the development of new hardware products that can operate inside a cooled space. Examples of add-on that already created :

  • Auto fill water pitcher for $149
  • Milky Weigh Milk jug sensor for $49
ChillHub, the very first Smart Fridge powered with Ubuntu
ChillHub, the very first Smart Fridge powered with Ubuntu

ChillHub – Community Powered Smart Fridge

FirstBuild wants to bring together “industrial designers, engineers, and other innovators” in an open community to work and design on a new product. ChillHub is being developed by FirstBuild, a group formed by partnership between GE Appliances and Local Motors.

FirstBuild development team say their will continue to work on improving ChillHub and creating new products with it. In Theory, the open-source ChillHub Firmware can be played with a Raspberry Pi and a USB hub into a fridge door.

Want to Buy ?

Price for ChillHub will retail at $999 through, if you really want to buy this really cool smart fridge visit this link

Buy ChillHub

There is also a more expensive version with stainless steel model, ice maker, LED Lighting and other extras, priced from $2.999.

Buy ChillHub

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