Change Dock Position in Elementary OS Luna

Change Dock Position in Elementary OS Luna

Elementary OS Luna comes with it’s Pantheon Desktop, one of the feature is the “Pantheon Dock”. On Pantheon Dock, we can change Dock Icon size, Dock Themes and hide mode. But there not include settings to change the dock position on your monitor. So, in this quick tutorial, i will tell you how to change it. You can use the following steps for changing the Dock Location :

Step 1

We need to modify the dock settings file from this path, so first you must backup your old config file, just in case, you can use any text editor you want.

Open terminal and type :

$ vim ~/.config/plank/dock1/settings

and find on line 18, then Change


Default value for position is 3, to change position just replace it with this following number :

0 = Left Side

1 = Right Side

2 = Top Side

3 = Bottom Side (Default)

Step 2

Save your dock configuration, just replace the old config file. Changes will take effect immediately and if position of the dock didn’t change you might need to restart the Dock.

So, that’s quick tutorial for change your pantheon dock position, if you have suggestion or something just leave a comment or contact me via Contact Page. Thank you !

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