Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux - 1

As the amount of data we produce every day is growing quickly and many of us now have a tons of file, documents, photos, music, and videos. More files you have, your storage will getting bigger and bigger, also it’s getting harder to manage tons of file, so we need to backup and protect those files. It is important to backing up our data locally, but it’s good to backup your data on a cloud storage, so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally delete your data from your local storage. The “Cloud Storage” promised us us infinite cheap storage where we can save our data secure and encrypted. Cloud backup must be a part for your backup plan.

So this time I will give you list of a Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux, There are plenty of personal “cloud storage” service that available on the net. Here are a few online backup tools that aim to make cloud storage backups easy to use.

1. Google Drive

Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux - 1
Google Drive

This one must be familiar to us, Google Drive is a service from Google that focused on a Cloud Storage. If you have Google Account, just open http://drive.google.com to use Google Drive service. If you have not register to Google yet, you should register and try this Google Drive, it’s worth. Because when you register to Google you will get 15GB storage for free. Your storage works with Gmail, Google+, you can keep your files, save your email attachments and backup your files directly to your Google Drive, there is also a storage plan if you need more space. Officially Google still working for the Client application, so you can open your drive just via your web browser. But don’t worry there is an Unofficial Google Drive Client like Insync, drive, and Grive.

2. DropBox

Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux - 2

This one must be familiar too, Dropbox is a free file hosting service by Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and of course client software. Dropbox lets you bring your documents, photos, and videos, anywhere, with Dropbox you can share them easily. Dropbox will create a special folder on their computer, which uses to synchronizes data on that special folder to Dropbox cloud Storage, so the same file and the same contents will be appears on the other computer that install Dropbox Client.

Dropbox can be opened via Web Browser or you can install the client on your computer, smartphones, or tablets. The client is well-designed to make it easy-to-use, just drag and drop and Dropbox will sync the file automatically. If you register to Dropbox you will get Dropbox Basic package that give you free 2GB space, but if you need more free space there are variety of ways to get more space, you can earn free space by referring your friends or you can upgrade your account to Dropbox Pro ? that’s your choice, there is also Dropbox for Business for only 15$/month per users.

3. Copy

Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux - 3

Copy similar to Dropbox, it has folder just like Dropbox, so you will have a Copy folder. The Client has support for every Linux distribution and the support is really wonderful. Why ? because Copy do not use any binaries to install. Copy has provide just a .tar .gz file, so all you need to is just extract the file and run the executeable, it is really simple, you can’t really beat it. It’s a great choice and worth to try for everyone that need a cloud storage for work, because Copy comes with 15GB disk space for free.

4. pCloud

Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux - 4

pCloud is a decent cloud storage service, pCloud has support for Linux, you can see on their websites there is currently listed the links to Ubuntu binaries, but there is no other distribution officially supported. pCloud client application is well designed and it works well with the system overall. If you sign up to pCloud you will get free 20GB storage.

5. SpiderOak

Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux - 5

SpideOak is another great cloud storage service that support multi-platform especially for Linux for your backup management. SpiderOak offer a folder syncing and sharing features that focused on security. SpiderOak values your security and privacy, it’s a serous option for who those prefer confidentiality.

SpiderOak clients are  available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Windows, Android and IOS. SpiderOak has a Wonderful Linux client that makes it easier to use and make it simple for you to backup your files. If you register yourself to SpiderOak Services you will get 2GB free storage, also if you need 100 GB of extra space you can pay up for $10/month.

6. ownCloud

Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux - 6

ownCloud is very similar to the commonly known DropboxownCloud is commonly termed as “file hosting”, the main difference of ownCloud to another cloud storage is free and opensource, and because of that it’s allowing anyone to install and operate it without any charge at all on their own server, of course with no limits on storage space or number of connected client.

ownCloud make it very easy to setup your own cloud storage service, and also it’s Dropbox-like. ownCloud has it’s own task editors, task list, calender, and more and that means you can get more that a just file sync service. Beyond from that, you also get a built-in music player inside your ownCloud, there is also a place to store your contacts, bookmarking service, and a photo gallery.


Today, it’s easier to securely backup your files because the Cloud Storage service. The most service above offer a free level of service, so you will not losing any money. Whatever cloud storage service you are using right now, the main thing about cloud storage is backup you files regularly, every cloud storage service has it’s own pros and cons, so pick your choice.

That’s all for my Worth to try 6 Cloud Storage for Linux, do you have any cloud storage service that i don’t include on my list, please let me know by leave a comment below. Thank you !

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