2048 Puzzle in Linux Terminal

2048 Puzzle in Linux Terminal

Do you know 2048 puzzle games ? If not this puzzle games is a very addicting games for most of people, you should try this puzzle games maybe you will get addict to it. You can play this games almost on all platform especially for Smartphones (Android and Iphone, i don’t know for the other phones yet), now there is a unique 2048 games, you can play it with your Linux Favorite Terminal ! Thanks to mydzor for making this and How to play 2048 Puzzle in Linux Terminal ?

Install 2048 Puzzle via git

Just type this command on terminal and git will clone the repository automatically.

$ git clone git://github.com/mydzor/bash2048

After downloading just go to your 2048 directory and just type :

$ ./bash2048

Install 2048 by downloading the archive

Download it from mydzor git page or by this direct link and save it, after download just extract/unzip it to your directory :

$ unzip bash2048-master.zip

Go to bash2048-master directory, then run 2048 by this following command :

$ ./bash2048

Play the game with your arrow keys and and that’s all for 2048 Puzzle Games in Linux Terminal. If you have any suggestion just comment or contact me via contact page. Thank you !

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